Cemsix fully compressed corrugated fibre cement roofing and cladding

Fully compressed corrugated sheet is denser than semi compressed alternatives and better able to withstand abrasion and wear. Available in natural grey, “low sheen” Cemscape or with Cembrit’s 3-part coloration process in 7 colours, the whole Cemsix system is covered by BBA Agrément Certificate 03/4049 and is guaranteed for 30 years’ durability and 10 years’ colour stability. Cemsix ventilation accessories have been designed to accommodate differing approaches to ventilation according to the produce the building will be used for. The ventilation options allow compliance with the latest requirements for animal welfare. The Cembrit Cemsix range also includes profiled rooflights which provide natural light direct to the building’s interior. In addition to over 100 years’ experience manufacturing fibre reinforced cement roofing and cladding products, Cemsix comes with all the product quality and environmental management accreditations you would expect. Cembrit corrugated sheets is a high-quality fibre cement product used as roofing and cladding on agricultural and industrial buildings.

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Brochure Cembrit CemSix Corrugated Sheet


Cemsix BBA 2015


EPD Fibre Cement Corrugated Sheets


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024 DoP Cembrit W146-8 RC (B6RC 6mm) C1X


CE 2013 024DoP Cembrit W146-8 RC (B6RC)


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