Cemsix Anthracite

Colour: Anthracite

Cemsix Anthracite


Fire protection class

FS / Trimmed


Product No. Fire protection class Cut-corners/pre-cut Width Length
41100006 A2,s1-d0 FS 1086 mm 1375 mm
41100007 A2,s1-d0 FS 1086 mm 1525 mm
41100008 A2,s1-d0 FS 1086 mm 1675 mm
41100009 A2,s1-d0 FS 1086 mm 1825 mm
41100010 A2,s1-d0 FS 1086 mm 1975 mm
41100012 A2,s1-d0 FS 1086 mm 2275 mm
41100011 A2,s1-d0 FS 1086 mm 2125 mm
41100013 A2,s1-d0 FS 1086 mm 2440 mm
41100014 A2,s1-d0 FS 1086 mm 2600 mm
41100015 A2,s1-d0 FS 1086 mm 2750 mm
41100016 A2,s1-d0 FS 1086 mm 2900 mm
41100017 A2,s1-d0 FS 1086 mm 3050 mm
41100121 A2,s1-d0 Trimmed 1086 mm 2900 mm
41100191 A2,s1-d0 Trimmed 1000 mm 1525 mm
41100192 A2,s1-d0 Trimmed 1000 mm 1975 mm


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