Press release: Cembrit Glendyne slates now guaranteed for 75 years

Leading roofing specialist, Cembrit, is now offering an impressive 75-year durability guarantee for its Glendyne natural slate range. 

Glendyne is a high-quality slate that combines first-class performance with all the inherent beauty of natural slate, making it the ‘natural’ choice for specifiers and roofers. Used on a number of prestigious buildings and monuments around the world, Glendyne slates achieve innovative and imaginative designs. Available exclusively from Cembrit in the UK, Glendyne is a distinctive blue-grey colour.

“Free from oxidising metallic inclusions, clays, carbonates or weaker seams, the natural strength of Glendyne is enhanced by selection techniques that choose the best quality rock to produce the finest, most durable roofing slates” comments Ged Ferris, Marketing Manager for Cembrit. “Amongst the test regimes that Glendyne slates are submitted to is the north American ASTM C406, which classifies roofing slates into 3 grades: S1, S2 and S3. Slate grades are intended as a prediction of the slates expected service life: Grade S1 slate has an expected service life of more than 75 years. The combination of such laboratory test results and practical experience of using Glendyne slates for a couple of decades, gives us the confidence to guarantee Glendyne slates for 75 years.”

The Glendyne quarry is one of the most modern slate quarries in the world. The quarry operates a quality management system based on EN ISO 9001, which is externally audited. This standard is adhered to rigidly, as are all quality standard procedures required by each regional market the quarry supplies. Glendyne is tested to BS EN European standard, BS EN 12326-1:2014 which requires many of the laboratory tests (‘type testing’) to be performed at least annually and the factory production control (FPC) performed and recorded as a matter of routine by the producer.

Cembrit offers its Glendyne natural slates in four sizes, having recently just added two new imperial sized slates to provide roofers with more versatility when working on lower pitched roofs. The larger sized slates - 610mm x 305mm and 508mm x 305mm - can be pitched at a minimum of 25° and 20° in moderate exposure zones and 30° and 22.5° in severe exposure zones respectively. The 508x305mm slates exceed the common 2:1 length width ratio, allowing for specification on a greater range of roof pitches. The range offers a quality alternative to Welsh Slate and is readily available. Cembrit also has the facility to examine individual cases and offer specific advice on minimum pitch per project outside the parameters of BS 5534.