Modern facades with a sleek silhouette

Modern facades with a sleek silhouette

Decorative facades in the form of a rear ventilated non-load bearing rainscreen produce a flush appearance. Today, many necessary service components that could interfere with a building’s appearance can be hidden behind a decorative fibre cement rainscreen facade.

Gutters, downpipes, and lightning protection can be integrated and invisible in the facade structure. High-performing insulation for outstanding energy efficiency is also installed fully hidden, while preserving full design freedom for visible surfaces. Facades form a design and functional unity.

Expansivity with Cembrit

Cembrit is an outstanding choice for designing representative and prestigious buildings, both inside and out.

Thanks to the diverse range of specialist building boards Cembrit offers designers can select homogeneous, through coloured or natural uncoloured cladding boards for external use, as well as render backer or external wall insulated backer boards for a completely different surface texture and finish. Backer boards are also available for use in internal ceramic tiling.

Furthermore Cembrit offers specialist functional boards for high impact, sound insulation, heavy traffic, fire rated and partitioning applications. The Cembrit range offers products for most external and internal wall designs.