29. May 2020

Detached, semi-detached and house extensions

Natural and cost effective

Kerb appeal is the by word for housing attractiveness. It is that indefinable something that at first glance makes you imagine you are looking at your dream home.

Slate roofs have a beauty all their own. The sleek uninterrupted roof slope in a dark finish helps to anchor a house in its landscape and beautifully sets-off other building materials and design features. The traditional appearance of a natural slate roof, with its texture and shade variation from slate to slate adds an unbeatable character to any home. Of course the genuine article takes more skilled labour and a little more time on site, but with a high quality product like Cembrit’s Glendyne natural slate from Canada, your finished roof will be stunning every time. Being W1,T1,S1 classified to BS EN 12326 (the highest classification possible) you will have no need to worry about unsightly rust staining or damaging mineral inclusions.

If budgets are tight but you are still looking for a natural looking slate effect Cembrit’s range of fibre cement slates offer a cost effective alternative. With every combination of surface texture and dressed edge as well as a selection of slate shades there is a wonderful choice for your project. You can still achieve the sleek look of a natural roof without the ugly shadow lines of thick concrete alternatives. Futhermore fibre cement slates have practical advantages over heavier concrete or clay based alternatives. Fibre cement slates are lightweight and easy to cut with hand tools. This means that no dust suppression is required on site and more complicated roof finishes are easy to tackle. Not only that but at around half the weight of concrete tiles per square metre savings can be made on the rafters which can be thinner as there is less load placed upon them.

Cembrit slates are suitable for new build and refurbishment, roof slopes or extensions, one-off self-build projects or major house-building developments. Cembrit supply to specialist slating contractors who are used to taking on large housing developments, roofing nerchants who are used to supplying smaller repair and replacement projects or roofing stockists who are large enough to stock full load deliveries direct from our factory.

Both Cembrit’s natural and fibre cement slates are guaranteed, accredited and meet all the requirements of modern, safe non-combustible building materials. Matching ridges as well as ridge and in-line ventilation is available for natural and fibre cement slates. A complete pitched roof is available from Cembrit, experts in double-lap slating!