27. May 2020

Cembrit – a strong partner for Commercial, public offices and administrative buildings

What does the perfect office building look like?

What does the perfect office building look like? The only answer to this question is: as diverse as the companies inside it.

Sometimes, different requirements for architecture, energy efficiency, flexibility, and economic efficiency can be multifaceted and difficult to reconcile. But what makes planning and constructing a modern office and administrative building so complex?

Modern office and administrative buildings have to fulfil demands for authenticity and individuality, while offering high energy efficiency and low life time costs. Choosing the right materials can create high-value and sustainable, long-life buildings. Institutions constructing buildings expect versatile and prestigious solutions that combine an aesthetic appearance with practicality, taking both economic, ecological and social factors into consideration.

Cembrit is a competent partner for building office and administrative buildings. Fibre cement as a decorative rainscreen cladding or a functional specialist interior building board represents long-lasting quality, safety, and a timeless aesthetic. The extensive Cembrit product range creates interesting possibilities for perfectly executing new buildings and renovation projects.


Design ideal facades with Cembrit

Full design freedom, energy efficiency, and sustainability signify excellent facades. Cembrit decorative rainscreen claddings combined with high-performance sheathing boards allow the designer to create the cladding zone with the board components from one leading manufacturer, fibre cement product experts, Cembrit. Formats, colours and surfaces in large-format facade panels and facade boards allow for designers to create outstanding designs for statement buildings or subtle colours which blend in with existing materials.

Cembrit rainscreen claddings are the visible external cladding panels, which separate the functions of thermal insulation and weather protection. When installed correctly, any insulation thickness can be added to ensure energy efficiency. Fibre cement rainscreen cladding helps reduce energy costs whilst offering an incredible choice of colours.

Long-lasting, A2 fire-rated inflammable facade systems are one of the safest exterior wall design choices you can make, with low susceptibility to damage. Elements can be installed in any season, and structural tolerances can easily be compensated for - just a few more benefits of lightweight, rainscreen cladding facades over alternative types of external wall construction.

Buildings remain looking as prestigious as they did on their first day, for years to come.