26. May 2020

Vertical cladding for industrial buildings Brand ambassadors with a protective function

Industrial and production buildings

Recycling Plant, Harlech, Wales
Recycling Plant, Harlech, Wales

Industrial and production buildings or warehouses are unique due to their size. Innovative and attractive facades create a positive impression among employees, neighbours, visitors, and last but not least with customers or clients.


At the same time, industrial facades must fulfil a large number of functional requirements. They must protect against precipitation but also be chemical resistant to cope with corrosive materials or by products of industrial processes, aggressive internal environments and be cost effective. Resistant to damp, corrosion precipitation and UV and can contribute to sound insulation and also offer outstanding fire protection, fibre cement flat and corrugated sheets are ideal for demanding applications.


Fibre cement is one material that meets all these demands. As a fibre cement expert, Cembrit offers a high-quality product portfolio. Cembrit’s range of fibre cement products are used to design facades that stand up to heavy loads. 10’ long fibre cement sheets and panels are available in numerous standard and specialised colours, and can be cut to any shape. The material is weather-resistant, will not rot and is non-combustible, A2 rated. Moist walls, mould and algae, moss, or lichen growth are eliminated.

Cembrit corrugated sheet is a popular, durable roofing and cladding product for industrial and agricultural buildings. Cemsix is ideal as a roof covering as it incorporates safety-strips for installer’s safety during roofing. B5 corrugated sheet is cost-sffective in comparisson with steel corrugated sheet as a vertical cladding for industrial buildings. At the end of its long service life, fibre cement corrugated sheet on single skinned roofs and vertical cladding can be disassembled and recycled.