24. May 2020

High rise and multi-occupation residential building with Cembrit

Cembrit is a smart solution for many building requirements


Focusing on fire-safety, sustainable building materials

In addition to comfort and a positive living environment, fire-safety, sustainable building materials and high energy efficiency are key considerations in modern multi-dwelling, hotel and student accommodation. Cembrit claddings boards fulfil the demands of tenants and free-holders, while meeting expectations for safety, economic efficiency and environmental-friendliness. Cembrit is a professional collaborator for energy-efficient facades in your residential construction projects.

High-quality Cembrit decorative fibre cement rainscreen claddings can be used on any type of building. From small features, infill panels or fascia and soffit roof trims to large format panels on high-rise and multiple dwelling constructions Cembrit is the smart solution. Offering practical value for money claddings with a broad selection of colours for the expressive designer to create outstanding buildings. You can contribute to a pleasant built environment for occupants whilst creating a building of note for clients and property owners.

Cembrit offers first-class advising, planning and quality assurance for residential building projects. Our technical expertise is at your disposal. Combined with technical accreditation, guarantees and design tools, competent consulting is there for you throughout all phases of construction.

Qualified Cembrit consultants offer professional help gleaned from experience in numerous residential construction projects.

Cembrit provides custom advising

Professional basic property advising from professional Cembrit consultants

Professional Cembrit consultants can offer their expertise throughout every building phase.

  • Complete project meeting
  • Fundamental expertise for more efficiency during the planning process
  • Consulting can start in any phase of construction
  • Comprehensive check list for identifying the potential of Cembrit facades
  • Custom colour and joint designs
  • Presentation of different Cembrit reference projects to assess implementation possibilities and work required



Custom colour and joint designs

With Cembrit, you enjoy maximum colour design freedom and outstanding quality.
Utilise the entire spectrum of Cembrit's colour landscape.

  • Advising on optimal coatings depending on product demands
  • Installation suggestions for minimum cutting and optimal product quantity orders
  • Consulting for base structure design
  • Custom design suggestions
  • Contact to support structure specialists who ensure your design meets all the loads put onto the building
  • Contact to cutter merchant fabricators who will optimise the cladding schedule and cut fibre cement claddings to the correct dimensions ensuring minimal onsite waste