Facade architecture for shopping centres and commercial buildings


Shopping Centre - London, United Kingdom


Shopping centres all over the world are more than just retail. They are an important social environment for entertainment, restaurants, activities, and culture. Shopping centre architecture has to balance the needs of form and function. The ambience of the architecture contributes to the shopping centre’s success.

Facades serve as a brand interface. Playing with colours, shapes, surfaces, materials and light can help them create a unique identity. Emotional aspects are becoming more and more important in creating customer loyalty and visual fascination.

Cembrit's product range is an outstanding choice for interior and exterior wall covering design that can create a unique identity for shopping centres. Fibre cement as a rainscreen cladding and interior construction material is a long-lasting, high quality, safe vertical wall with a timeless aesthetic. The extensive Cembrit product range creates interesting possibilities in interiors and exteriors for perfectly executing new buildings and refurbishment projects.

Shop facades with Cembrit

The visual fascination created by outstanding facades can influence customers’ emotions and customer loyalty. Cembrit facade products offer extensive possibilities in designing with shapes, formats, colours and surfaces. 10’, large-format cladding panels can be modified creatively by milling, cnc routing, or cutting them to size.

In addition to offering full design freedom, Cembrit facades also stand out for their energy efficiency and sustainability. They are designed as decorative rainscreen claddings, separating the functions of thermal insulation and weather protection. Rainscreen façade systems can integrate any insulation thickness, and even be used to create Passiv Haus compliant designs.

In addition, long-lasting, inflammable facade systems are one of the safest exterior wall design choices you can make, with low susceptibility to damage. Elements can be mounted in any season, and structural tolerances can easily be compensated for - just a few more benefits of this option over non-ventilated facade systems.

Interior shopping centre architecture with Cembrit

Thanks to the diverse applications of Cembrit fibre cement panels, it is easy to continue the design of Cembrit exterior facade design elements in your interior architecture. Large-format panels can also be installed indoors in any application. The unique properties of fibre cement materials can benefit designers in creating walls or store fronts as well.