26. May 2020

Safety and sustainability – Ideal for education buildings

Rainscreen claddings have been popular for school buildings for many years.

Cembrit Facade Brighten Up School Facades

Cembrit fibre cement decorative rainscreen claddings have been popular for school buildings for many years. Appealing to architects’ needs to create inspiring and welcoming spaces to encourage learning with the schools’and agencies’ highest requirements for fire protection, sound insulation, energy efficiency and low maintenance, large format cladding panels contribute to low in-service costs and attractive learning environments.

Building owners and architects appreciate their design freedom and trusted quality. Cembrit claddings offer a broad spectrum of attractive colour shades, combined with the typical characteristics of fibre cement materials. Two different formats are available: 4’x8’ anf 4’ 10’, large-format cladding panels that can be cut to size offer a surprising amount of design freedom. Facades made with Cembrit decorative rainscreen claddings provide outstanding safety, economic efficiency, and sustainability. Cembrit cladding panels are A2 fire rated, inflammable flat sheets.

Cembrit facade products have outstanding functional advantages. They are weather, impact and scratch resistant. Cembrit facades can handle even moderate shocks or impacts from balls without damage, and are very easy to care for.

Simple installation in any season ensures good planning reliability in the construction process. Cembrit decorative rainscreen cladding boards are elements in non load-bearing external wall systems which form can create energy-efficient building envelopes that more than fulfil statutory Building Regulation Part L requirements. In addition, they can be broken down and recycled at the end of the building’s working life, and are much more ecological than composite insulation systems.

All in all, they are a beautiful, safe, and sustainable solution for good childhood development.