External cladding for buildings

Different functions for surface and appearance


The external cladding plays a key role in defining the perception and appearance of a building. The rainscreen also performs many different building functions.

  • Protection against rain, snow or storms
  • Resistance to UV light
  • Resistance to impact damage

Visually, the surface is a striking component of the appearance. Cembrit claddings can also offer tactile finishes. No matter whether the surface is smooth or has a directional texture a wood grain or a rough surface, inflammable, frost and weather-resistant Cembrit claddings offer looks and surface textures that make them a great alternative to other materials. Cembrit offers a solution for any requirement.


Cembrit Patina

Through-colored with a natural textured and sanded surface. The facade will gradually acquire a distinctive patina.

Cembrit Cover

Bold colors with satin finish and the gray mill edge of the fibre cement.

Cembrit Solid

Intensely pigmented, through coloured cladding with matching surface.

Cembrit Transparent

Sophisticated satin surface with its tinted translucent top coat on a matching pigmented fibre cement base.

Cembrit Deco

The directional grain of the board is subtly visible through the paint like
the veneer of your living room furniture - adding a smooth yet natural
look to the painted.

Cembrit Plank

Smooth or textured options (cedar) give you the choice with a surface finish together with a clour to make your porject almost unique.

Cembrit HD

Natural grey, homogeneous fibre-cement with a cementitious apperance.