Cembrit Fibre cement product accreditations

Local authority accreditation

Cembrit’s blue/black Jutland fibre cement slates have been tested by Birmingham City Laboratories and accepted for use on Birmingham City Council projects. They have been accepted by other local authorities. 

British Board of Agrément Certificate 03/4041

This certificate covers Cembrit Jutland, Diamond, Zeeland, Westerland and Moorland fibre cement slates.

Open BBA certificate for Morland Slates
Open BBA certificate for Zeeland Slates
Open BBA certificate for Westerland Slates
Open BBA certificate for Jutland and Diamond Slates

British Board of Agrément Certificate 03/4049

This certificate covers Cembrit Cemsix corrugated fibre cement sheets.

Open BBA certificate


NBS have produced specification products for over 30 years, including the recognised national standard specification system for the UK. Cembrit are able to supply specifications for pitched roofing Clauses H62 Natural Slate & H61 Fibre Cement slate.


NFRC is the UK’s largest roofing trade association representing over 60% of the roofing industry by value. Cembrit have long been an associate (supplier) member.


RIDBA brings together the common aims of those involved in high quality, rural and industrial construction. Cembrit Ltd. Is a corporate member.