02. December 2019

Cembrit launches fibre cement reversible trims

Cembrit’s Plank Fibre Cement Trims

Cembrit, the leading fibre cement building product manufacturer, is pleased to announce the extension of its range of trims with a Fibre Cement Reversible Trim, to be used in conjunction with Cembrit Plank on corners and window reveals. Launched in response to high customer demand, the trims allow architects, contractors and installers to create a more traditional style building with corners and reveals that have an authentic finish.

The Fibre Cement Reversible Trims are available as a double-sided reversable trim that is painted on the cedar, woodgrain side. The other side is smooth, so there is the opportunity to choose between two different effect. Cembrit offers 16 colour choices, ranging from Pebble Grey and Signal Black to Oxide Red and Coastal Blue.  With a vast colour selection to choose from, the trims can be colour matched to the weatherboard.  

Fibre Cement Trims are a great alternative to aluminium trims, which are more awkward to install and can oxidise through weathering, leading to a structure that looks cheap and low quality. The Fibre Cement Trims weather in the same way as the rest of the façade to allow for a building that looks well-balanced. The trims – which are available in 45mm and 65mm widths – are installed once the Cembrit Plank weatherboards have been fitted to the main façade.


For further information visit www.cembrit.co.uk, email sales@cembrit.co.uk or tel: +44 (0) 203 372 2300.