29. November 2019

Cembrit Patina gives rural farmer’s house a modern makeover

Cembrit Patina BBA certified cladding to complement the building’s existing heritage.

When the residents of a rural Farmer’s House set in the South Downs National Park were looking to achieve an elegant extension to provide further space for their growing family, they opted for Cembrit Patina BBA certified cladding to complement the building’s existing heritage. 

Throughout the years, the Farmer’s House has been subject to several alterations and extensions, and as a result, lacked a unified finish. Award-winning RIBA certified contemporary architectural practice, AR Design Studio, was approached to create an extension to accommodate family visits, whilst allowing the house to seamlessly blend with the surrounding features and grounds. The proposal consisted of a modern annexe to ensure sufficient space for their children and grandchildren and provide a link to tie the old and new structures together in an elegant form. 

The architect decided to specify a wide variety of natural and man-made materials to complement the traditional geometry of the building. A Welsh slate finish to the building was desirable to both the client and architect, but a more affordable alternative was sought, and after reviewing samples, Cembrit’s Patina cladding provided the perfect match. BlueFish Construction was the main contractor on the project and installed the fibre cement cladding.

The extension includes an open plan kitchen, living, and dining area, a utility room and two further bedrooms which is surrounded by a covered alfresco dining area. The fibre cement cladding provides the dining area with a clean finish and adequate privacy for relaxing. The internal finishes create a minimalistic feel with cool grey tones, consistent with Cembrit’s Patina cladding for a harmonious design. The interior has been designed to appreciate natural light with strategically installed skylights to achieve a light and contemporary living space that shows off the building’s features. The combination of timber and fibre cement cladding results in an architectural, rural yet contemporary house with extensive views over the surrounding South Downs. The Farmer’s House project was a finalist for the George Clarke Medal.

Cembrit Patina is an autoclaved, through coloured board in 11 pastel coloured impact resistant boards characterised by an attractive matt finish and a faint directional grain. During the production process, Patina undergoes a unique impregnation treatment, which effectively protects against water staining and dirt, ensuring that the façade retains its attractive appearance in both dry and wet weather conditions. Being homogeneous means edge sealing is unnecessary, a massive advantage where the project needs many cuts around openings and facade perimeters. 

The A2 non-combustible fire rating according to EN13501, make Patina ideal for new build and over cladding rainscreen applications. Variations of shade from sheet to sheet on Patina will assist in creating a natural looking façade. The sheets can be used for a range of applications, such as: rainscreen cladding, weatherboarding, window elements, fascia, balconies and prefabricated facade elements. Patina is BBA certified, providing peace of mind to specifiers who choose to use Cembrit’s fibre cement cladding boards on their projects.


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