01. December 2019

B5 Delivers Traditional Look for New Building

Cembrit’s B5 corrugated roofing sheets

Cembrit’s B5 corrugated roofing sheets have been specified and installed on a complete renovation project which has seen an old nursey building transformed into a brand-new office and storage facility. Located in the West Sussex countryside close to Chichester, one of the most important considerations for the local planning authority and owner, HD Developments, was to ensure the building was in keeping with surroundings. B5 was specified as the roof covering roof both for its ‘rural’ look and modern performance capabilities.

HD Developments, a Chichester-based property developer, acquired the plot in early 2017 with a planned renovation in mind. Originally a plant nursery, the land was once part of Land Settlement Association (LSA) scheme, a government-backed initiative from the early 1930s that saw unemployed workers from industrial areas, resettled in rural locations and given the opportunity to start working on the land. This connection with the past meant that the land came with an agricultural ‘tie’ and the design of the proposed development had to respect this.  B5 was chosen alongside Douglas Fir cladding to create a stylish new building that looks contemporary and stylish but respects its traditional surroundings.   

Perry Duffy of HD Developments was pleased to find Cembrit B5, the perfect modern replacement for a building which had an asbestos roof: “We considered getting a steel roof but when we looked at the comparative life-cycle costs associated with steel, in comparison to the fibre cement, B5 was the obvious choice,” commented Perry. “In fact, in general the project came together really well, and the roof in particular taking two people just one week to complete the installation from beginning to end.”

The building has an unusual roof with different pitches on each slope and Cembrit were able to supply special fibre cement adjustable ridges to install on the main ridgeline of the roof. The building also has solar panels installed as well as Velux windows to let extra daylight into the office space. B5 was easily adaptable to these joint installation demands. Incorporating the latest technological advances, B5 offers a metric corrugation profile that is a more modern look than the traditional 3-inch profile and can be used to a lower pitch and with smaller overlaps. B5 sheets and fittings allow designers to clad all types of building in a Class A2 fire rated, rust and rot-proof material that has been in our built environment for decades.

Cembrit companies have been manufacturing corrugated sheets since 1910 and B5 is created using Portland cement, together with a formulation of superior blended synthetic and cellulose fibres. Offering a colouration process, B5 is also 40% wider and offers a better coverage per sheet than traditional solutions. It is available in 11 lengths from 4' 6" to 10' and Cembrit offer a complete range of accessories.

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