Corrugated roofing sheets - rust & rot proof


From flat to corrugated sheets

Turning a flat sheet into a profiled sheet with the addition of corrugations dramatically increases its strength. A regular repeated corrugation enables water to run off such a profiled sheet, laid at an angle, at a controlled and measurable rate. This is just what is required when large volumes of space need to be sheltered from the weather.

Roofing sheets moulded in wet fibre cement

Large format roofing sheets and cladding panels employ these simple principles to create a strong weather proof vertical and pitched profiled sheet cladding. A characteristic of the “Eternit” process developed by Ludwig Hatscheck, is that the fibre cement “hide” (flat sheet) remains malleable after creation in the Hatscheck machine and can be moulded into 3 dimensional shapes, before hydration takes effect and forms a rigid product. This allows the manufacture of complex perimeter, ventilation and architectural mouldings from the same base material. The designer can thereby achieve a consistent surface effect that will weather evenly, when he chooses fibre-cement corrugated roofing sheet.

Corrugated roofing - the preferred choice for the industry

In the UK profiled sheet used either as a vertical cladding or a roofing sheet was the ubiquitous product throughout the middle 3rd of the 20th century. Corrugated sheet was common as an industrial roofing sheet, an agricultural roofing sheet or a storage and warehouse building roofing sheet. The choice of corrugated fibre-cement for roofing and cladding was largely as a result of its rot proof and rust proof qualities, a particular advantage in acidic environments such as the inner city, industrial areas and agricultural animal housing.

Growing demand for coloured roofing sheets in the 1950's

Increasing demand for colour in the built and rural environments (and in the case of agricultural buildings camouflage) from around the 1950’s lead to the development of factory applied coatings. We believe the Cembrit approach of an undercoat and top coat on all of our corrugated sheets with a clear backcoat is the most durable form of colourcoat on fibre cement roofing sheet on the UK market. Cembrit offers two distinct profiled sheets for the UK, Cemsix the traditional 6 inch corrugated sheet, chiefly used in animal housing, grain storage and general purpose agricultural buildings and B5 a lower profile corrugated sheet primarily used for equestrian buildings, garages and single storey buildings.

Profiled roofing sheet products have been sold in Scandinavia since our parent company, in those days called Dansk Eternit A/S commenced manufacture in 1927, and in fact our production company, Cembrit CZ, in the Czech Republic has been producing profiled roofing sheets continuously since 1910. At that time the factory was independent and was originally called Eternitové závody.