Natural Slates Environmental Initiatives

Environment friendly heating and air conditioning

Of course Glendyne claims true green credentials, landscaping spoil heaps, reusing water, helping re-stock Lac Long - which was overfished - supporting local initiatives and providing good employment they have gone one stage further and applied their innovative philosophy to the eco-friendly air-conditioning and process water system.

Using an internally designed geo thermal plant Glendyne created in 2006 something unique in the slate world if not the whole world of building materials. Working on the principal that water tends to stay at a more constant temperature than air or land Glendyne pump water from the depths of Lac Long to use as the coolant or heat generator for a glycol heat exchanger in the factory. The water temperature fluctuates between +4 & +7 degrees from winter to summer, whilst the air temperature moves between -35 to +30. The heat exchanger keeps the climate inside the factory pleasant. 

After it passes through the geo thermal system the water joins other process water to lubricate the cutting equipment and stop the slate from becoming brittle before splitting and dressing. Finally it flows through a 3 pool settlement process where non-toxic flocculent is added to separate out solids. The water is then gravity fed back to Lac Long in what is effectively a closed system, purer than when it was extracted. 

Of the 300 gallons per minute pumped from Lac Long 250 are pumped through the geo-thermal heat exchanger. Before 2006 propane was used in the winter for heating and electricity in the summer for cooling. This remarkable technology has saved a massive $80,000 Canadian in energy every year!