Bawtrey Road - Doncaster


Country: United Kingdom
Type: Family Houses
Year: 2013
Category: Roofing

Glendyne natural slates chosen for replacement roof covering, on impressive detached home, in sought after residential postcode.


Glendyne natural slate has provided elegance and charm to an imposing new property in Yorkshire. The dark blue/grey coloured slates provide the perfect complement to the fresh white facades and natural stone details at the luxury home.

Located in the village of Bessacarr, Doncaster, on prestigious Bawtry Road, the property was recently re-roofed as part of a complete refurbishment. Overseen by Discount Roofing of Doncaster, the roofing project used 9500 Glendyne slates on the large L shaped, multi-pitched roof. The workability of Glendyne ensured the installation was a smooth process from start to finish.

The best quality natural slates are generally considered to originate from Wales, where high strength, low water absorbtion, minimal mineral inclusion and regular thickness make for a long lasting visually appealing roof finish. Glendyne was chosen because of its performance characteristics match Welsh slate and its blue/grey colour is a good match for Festiniog, slate which is no longer available. The combination of modern extraction technology, traditional finishing skills and an easy to extract rock ensure a consistently high standard product that is more competitively priced than Welsh slate. Available exclusively from Cembrit in the UK, Glendyne offers great value for money and will last the lifetime of a building. Used in a number of countries the slate is one of the most widely tested roof slates achieving the highest ratings under all of the test regimes.