Designing a Cembrit Facade

Visionshuset - Aalborg, Denmark


Form, format, colour, surface, joints, fixing and installation

Cembrit promotes custom facade design. Planners and building owners have many different options to choose from. A wide range of colours, formats, and surfaces are available in large format cladding panels forming a range that allows expressive façade designs or toned down unobtrusive buildings.

Creativity knows no bounds.

Simply combining Cembrit decorative fibre cement claddings with other materials allows builders to generate hundreds of different facades. Combined with the option to cut large-format facade panels to shape and choose from a large colour palette, your freedom to design is almost endless. This diversity of variations, combined with a high level of flexibility, is what makes using Cembrit claddings the smart choice.


Cembrit facades are characterised by 7 key design features

1. Form
2. Format
3. Colour
4. Surface
5. With or without joints
6. Cladding fixing
7. Installation type and pattern