Cembrit Corrugated Sheets

Agricultural and Industrial fibre cement roofing and cladding solutions

Cembrit Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated fibre cement roofing and cladding sheets for agricultural and industrial buildings.


Fully compressed Cemsix fibre cement corrugated sheet, the traditional 6” profile sheet is rust proof, rot proof and able to absorb condensation and gradually release moisture to the atmosphere. Able to withstand aggressive environments fibre cement corrugated sheet is ideal for single skinned buildings where the internal environment is even more corrosive than the external weather. Cemsix is designed for all types of farm buildings where its long life in comparison with metal has made fibre cement the popular choice for agricultural construction. Fibre cement absorbs sound from rain impact making for a quieter interior. Incorporating polypropylene strengthening strips, for installer’s safety, Cemsix is Class C1X.

Cembrit B5

Designed for, equine and sectional buildings, B5 is ideal for shelters, lean-tos and other single storey buildings. Rust proof, rot proof and able to absorb condensation, B5 is often the preferred choice on smaller, single skinned structures. With 910mm cover width and 130mm x 36mm corrugation troughs, B5 has a higher water carrying capacity than traditional 3” profiled sheets and can be laid to 5° minimum pitch on small roof areas. Available in 6 colours as well as uncoated natural grey, the system is completed by ridges, bargeboards and finials.

Cemsix corrugated sheet roofing system - accessories

Whether it is for crops, livestock or machinery, the Cemsix comprehensive range of fibre cement crowns and ridges, fibre cement bargeboards and cranked bargeboards, fibre cement ventilation solutions and fibre cement flashings come together to make a complete rust and rot proof roof covering. Available in natural grey or coloured, complete with corrugated translucent roof sheets to let the light in, the Cemsix range provides an integrated roofing solution.