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Cembrit Wood Look

The unique facade solution combines the natural wood look with the advantages of fiber cement – non-combustible with certified fire protection class, A2 - s1, d0 and weatherproof without painting.    The high pH of the fiber cement material makes it particularly resistant to algae, mould and fungus. Due to its unique properties, Cembrit Plank and Panel are permanently protected against moisture, rotting, cracking and deformation during and after installation. The UV protection prevents the colours from fading. Regular repainting is not necessary. Add nature’s design. Add the strength of fiber cement. Add personality.

Fibre cement boards from the specialists

Cembrit Plank and Cembrit Panel is the preferred choice for a unique facade solution. With the functional benefits of fiber cement material, Cembrit Plank and Cembrit Panel does not attract pests. It is resistant to provide protection against swelling or cracking – giving you more value for money on your investment. Cembrit emphasizes the high weather resistance and durability of the Plank and Panel with a 15-year replacement guarantee for the material damage that might occur despite proper installation, from the quality of the paint layer and reverse side coating to how the protective foil is wrapped around the finished product.

Nearly maintenance-free and long-lasting alternative to wood

The high-quality Cembrit Plank and Cembrit Panel facade solutions replace the maintenance-intensive wood outdoors, offering an offers an authentic wood look, combined with stability and a long lifespan. We are continuously making improvements to our Cembrit Plank and Cembrit Panel so that private homeowners can make the most of our product’s functional properties. At the same time, carpenters and roof installers can work with convenience.

Choose Cembrit Plank for your holiday house

Whether you choose to use the Cembrit Plank for your holiday house, a private residence or office building, the natural appearance and the durable nature of the Cembrit Plank will offer you a unique look that naturally blends into the surrounding areas. Still, at the same time it stands out year after year because of its limited need for maintenance - it simply covers your back through all kinds of weather. Click below to download our latest Cembrit Plank and Panel brochure for more inspiration.