Fibre cement cladding solutions for new buildings and renovations 


Natura Park - Pardubice, Czech Republic

Fibre cement claddings offered by Cembrit are based on the design principle of the non load-bearing ventilated facade. Rainscreen systems use series of layers in which each layer has a specific function.

To ensure optimal performance, rainscreen cladding systems separate the external function of weather protection from the internal skin which provides thermal protection. Thanks to this clear separation of functions, the two-layer system is subject to much less damage than other facade systems. It also provides functional solutions for issues such as fire protection, sound insulation, or lightning protection.

In addition to technical considerations, Cembrit cladding panels contribute to the well being of building occupants. That’s why we only offer solutions that prevent mould formation over the long term.

Rainscreen claddings can also be removed without major disruption or danger and all Cembrit claddings, fixings and other accessories can be separated and fully recycled.

Cembrit decorative rainscreen cladding – The perfect choice for any building 

Cembrit claddings combine aesthetics and function. Diverse design options for facades allow planners to create an endless variety of custom solutions. Materials can be cut to size for small or highly customised formats, tailored to accentuate the building surface they cover, or to create large-format designs – Cembrit offers the right solution for your idea.


Energy-optimised facade renovation with Cembrit 

Dealing with thermal loss means dealing with areas where heat escapes from a building. In addition to a well-insulated roof, optimal facade insulation and high-quality windows are the most important elements for saving heating and cooling energy. Cembrit offers fibre cement cladding panels for a comprehensive range of energy-saving facades.

Approx. 35 - 45 % of energy is lost through the exterior walls and windows.


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Environmentally-friendly refurbishment of existing buildings 

Energy-optimising renovations for existing buildings are an important choice to ensure the well-being of future generations. A large proportion of UK publicly owned multi-dwelling housing is over 40 years old. Breathable facades are important especially for older, non-insulated buildings. Often, renovations using closed facade systems can create mould and fungal growth.

In addition to improving energy usage and stopping heat loss, refurbishments often include an expansion of living or working space. In these applications, particularly, a full rainscreen facade or building envelope is a major advantage.

Zero energy dwellings and dwellings with Cembrit fibre cement claddings

As a company with Scandinavian roots, we encourage the use of energy-optimised facades. Our solutions are based on the best systems currently available for energy-efficient facades. Our goal is to ensure that not only new buildings, but also refurbished existing buildings can fulfil the highest standards. Variably adjusting insulation thickness and high-efficiency mineral wool insulating materials allows architects and building owners to achieve optimum energy efficiency within their designs.