Facades for urban architecture – Live and work in the city

Cembrit facade boards made of high density fibre cement are the creative building blocks of outstanding urban architecture with their wide variety of colours from strong to natural and varied surfaces.

Playful facade boards decorated with colourful patterns provoke a sense of curiosity and stimulate imagination, helping to create an ever-changing external environment filled with life around such buildings. The facade boards from Cembrit Colourful design line help to nurse creativity among buildings by making it to stand out and create a statement on more than one level.

The fiber cement facade boards from Cembrit stand for natural raw materials, exemplary durability, fire protection, a well-balanced room climate and excellent energy utility. The facade system is also convincing from an ecological point of view thanks to its long service life and complete recyclability.

Reinventing the landscape of cities having space constraint and with people busy in their work and everyday lives, the architects have a responsibility to make the atmosphere more vibrant, thus creating a strong bond between these structures and history.

The transformation of challenged neighbourhoods in urban areas plays an important role in facing the trend of sustainable growth and urban population. Social housing areas often face problems with the physical state of the buildings as well as social problems and health issues from buildings insufficient maintenance.

Thinking facade textures and colours into an urban regeneration project, can revitalize both the actual building envelope and the perception of the whole urban area – inspiring and providing better living conditions for a community.