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Cembrit Colourful design line

With Cembrit facade boards, planners and builders have every possibility for the desired design, whether restrained, accentuated, colourful or full of contrasts. Cembrit offers a lot for your colour choices while ensuring the highest quality in terms of weather and UV resistance. Durable and long-lasting is the credo even with black and dark or bright coloured facades. Whether you are creating a new building or planning a renovation of your house choosing from the different colour options has a deeper meaning that goes beyond just the appearance - it plays a key role in creating the right ambience and impact.

Modern and contemporary urban facades with function

A facade often defines a building and its aspirations - it reflects the life of people living inside and around the building. Architects and urban designers are thinking, now more than ever, about how facades can function with a purpose – from contributing to energy efficiency and having smarter uses of building materials. Cembrit facade boards are created with an aim to enhance a building’s performance – with the ventilated facades, Cembrit offers the possibility to combine different exterior materials with the same base structure. Striving to create a safe living environment with certified fire protection, Cembrit focuses on building better days, always.

The client as a visionary, the architect as a designer

Those who keep an eye on the needs of the people who fill the building with life can improve their image and the marketability and value of the property in the long term. Architects are vision translators and problem solvers – by blending the design with the surrounding environment, you enhance the neighbourhood and add to the quality of life for the people living. Futuristic, beautiful architecture translating into intelligent, living facades is the new normal and here to stay. Wouldn’t a building with colourful facade boards be inspiring to see on a school campus?

Colours communicate. Inspire creativity

Each colour has an interpretation and perception in a unique way – white is neutral, blue is soft and soothing, green represents nature, yellow relates to joy and fun, red communicates aggression or strength. Cembrit Colourful design line helps to bring new perspective to the building design making it more individual and attractive with its appearance. Colour your life. Colour your thinking. Add personality. Add your vision with Cembrit Colourful design line.

Color is good for the learning environment

Colours in architectural design are essential to function together to create a shared visual space that resonates with the varied emotions of the human psyche. The facade boards from Cembrit Colourful design line enhance the learning environment. Smart choices in colour and patterns may facilitate the overall experience. Be it the flashy Cembrit Cover, the resilient Cembrit Solid or the sophisticated Cembrit Transparent – there are different options to pick based on your requirements.