Detached, semi-detached and house extensions

Durable and effective

Bungalow with Cembrit Plank - Isle of Wight, UK


What homeowner wouldn't be happy to hear a guest utter an excited “Wow” when they saw their home? Often, the facade is a visitor's first point of contact with a home. Homeowners have many different ways to express themselves through their building envelope.

Smart builders, however, know that a facade's impact isn’t restricted to how it looks. Making smart choices on design, insulation, and facade cladding material can help create an energy saving facade.

Detached House with Cembrit Plank Weatherboard - East Anglia, UK


With quality products by Cembrit, homeowners can fulfil their dream of a beautiful, safe and energy-efficient facade. Our product range offers building owners everything they need to make their individual dreams a reality and reflect the architecture of the home. Beyond their design, fibre cement weatherboards impress with long-lasting, inflammable fibre cement materials and fast and simple processing, economic efficiency and safety.

Cembrit Plank fibre cement weatherboards come in a range of colours with a plain or wood effect surface that creates the appearance of traditional timber weatherboard but is much safer and longer lasting. A highly efficient and safe system for facade design that significantly reduces heat loss in the winter and heating in the summer. Installed on counter battens Cembrit weatherboard can be used on refurbishment and extensions on existing houses.

Detached House: Cladding with Cembrit Plank - London, UK


Refurbishment with ventilated facades is a good choice not only for new buildings, but also for refurbishment. In non-energy optimised buildings, roughly 20-25% of the energy is lost through the walls. Retrofitting buildings with modern insulation has an immediate positive impact on your next heating bill, optimises a building's eco-balance, and increases its value.