• As wood as it gets – without the trouble of maintenance

    Experience the joy of a maintenance-free facade with lifelike cedar structure

Are you interested in wood on the facade...

but not particularly interested in spending your time painting and maintaining it? Then Cembrit Plank could be the right solution for you. Our new plank made from environmentally friendly fibre cement is ideal for areas where you want a maintenance-free facade.

In addition,

Cembrit Plank can be installed on eaves, gables and on dormers – to name a few...


  • 15 year Cembrit Warranty
  • Exceptional UV resistance
  • Natural look with limited maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Complete range of finishing trims
  • Moisture resistant
  • Stylish colour range

Choose from ...

15 different colours and textures.

Cembrit Plank resembles wood ...

but is made of long lasting fibre cement.