Case Study - Office

Plus Bolig - Aalborg


Country: Denmark
Year: 2015
Architect: KPF Arkitekter


Prominent round building with reference to the area’s history

In 2015, the social housing association Plus Bolig built their new administration office on the Eternit ground in Aalborg with Søren Enggaard A/S as the contractor. The building is designed to resemble one of the preserved and close by silos from the area’s industrial past – completely round and built in rustic materials such as concrete, steel and glass. A central design element on the eye-catching facade is the facade boards Cembrit Patina Original in three different colour variations – P 070, P 020, and P 222.

In recent years, the Eternit ground in Aalborg has gone through and is still going through a substantial transformation from being an old industrial area to one of the city’s most hip areas. Architect-designed office buildings, modern apartments and youth housing, grocery stores, fitness centres, etc. are shooting up in the area, which the locals refer to as “Eternitten” (the Eternit).

Preserving the silos

From a political stance, it has been determined that several of the Eternit area’s old buildings and characteristic silos will be preserved as a memory of the industry that operated on this ground in the past. One of the associated contractors embraced this notion and thought out a plan to help make it happen.

Plus Bolig’s round building has been designed with a focus on the area’s industrial history and the modern surroundings. It blends in well whilst still being a natural eye-catcher in the neighbourhood.