Herriot Toun - Scotland


Country: United Kingdom
Type: Others
Year: 2010
Architect: Andy Law of Reiach
Category: Roofing
Product: B5 Blue/Black

Coloured B5 corrugated sheet is the cladding and roofing on a new studio chalet which replaces a larch and iron building in the Scottish borders.


As well as offering architects and specifiers a robust roof covering, B5 can also be used to inject creativity into a project, such as at Heriot Toun, a creative studio in the Scottish Highlands. When a need for more space arose, it was decided to build a new studio with a cladding of corrugated fibre cement on both walls and roof. The original building had a corrugated steel roof and horizontal larch cladding in a form evocative of the black house of the Scottish Highlands.

Designed by Andy Law of Reiach and Hall Architects, and built by Peter Caunt of Quercus Rural Building Design and David Livingston of DKL Joinery, the simple form of the new building maintains the reference to Scottish domestic architecture whilst employing details that include high-tech, bespoke steel flashings around the fibre cement B5 sheets with the dark grey fibre cement finish blending in perfectly with the rugged surroundings.

B5 also has a number of features that are helpful for the installer. B5 sheets have a small overlap, and as sheets are approximately 40% wider than comparative but older 3” profiled sheets, so it offers a much better coverage per sheet. This has the advantage of decreasing the weight of the roof covering. There is less side lap and overhang, and increased maximum end lap. Because it can be used to a lower pitch and with smaller overlaps it is ideal for projects such as Heriot Toun where the roof pitch was accomplished with a single sheet of the longest available length. In fact, B5 is available in 12 different lengths, ranging from 4'6” to 10'6” and 7 colours.