Case Study - Office

Business Park - Tagholmen, Denmark

Danish business park chooses Cembrit Plank for an authentic facade


Country: Denmark
Year: 2017
Architect: Claus Egerland, Tegnestuen 3D
Owner: Conscius


Danish business park chooses Cembrit Plank for an authentic facade

An authentic wood facade or a maintenance-free building is a frequent dilemma when it comes to industrial construction. In the Danish business park Tagholmen, however, the dilemma has been solved using the product Cembrit Plank that combines a wooden aesthetic with a maintenance-free fibre cement material.

In the Nothern part of Denmark, the business park Tagholmen is strategically located near fiord, city and airport. In time, Tagholmen will consist of nine buildings creating a professional work community for industrial technology companies. When the first 700 square metre structure was erected back in 2017, the builder was looking for a business environment with an inviting atmosphere:

The owner of the property, who runs an industrial software company, was looking for a professional office space with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from rustic industrial structures around the Holmen area in Copenhagen, we suggested an architectural design of Tagholmen. Besides the aesthetics, the level of maintenance was also important to the client because it is a commercial property, says architect Claus Egerland from the Danish architectural firm Tegnestuen 3D and continues:

To find the best possible solution, we consulted Cembrit who suggested the facade board, Cembrit Plank. The board proved to be the perfect solution combining the look of a traditional wooden facade with the modern and practical function of fibre cement. The deep black colour of the facade boards highlighted the warm vibe of traditional Danish cottages at the same time giving it a strong industrial expression.

Cembrit Plank is a fibre cement facade board produced in the standard measurements 360 x 18 cm resembling authentic wooden planks. The boards are manufactured with milled structure lines that look like natural wood grains.

Fixed in a traditional wooden pattern with overlapping planks, Tagholmen’s new facade leaves a vibrant and natural expression of natural wood.

Before the construction of Tagholmen, Claus Egerland had only previously seen the facade material used for smaller constructions, e.g. cottages.

I saw a great hidden potential in Cembrit Plank and wanted to use it on a bigger scale – and the result was extremely satisfying. Mixing a natural look with a time-saving maintenance-free facade, Tagholmen is truly a warm and atmospheric industrial workplace. The aesthetic lines continue all the way through the building – from the inside beams in the ceiling to the exterior wood structure facade, explains Claus Egerland.

Durable facade with no extra work

Due to the fibre cement material, the Cembrit Plank boards are practically maintenance-free and only require a minimum of work compared to wood.

Natural wood must be refreshed every five to eight years in order to maintain its colour whereas Cembrit Plank never has to be painted again. Once the facade has been fixed, the long-lasting boards will not change appearance – even in rough weather conditions. This is a considerable advantage, especially for companies and business parks such as Tagholmen who often own large office buildings with facades that cover a relatively large surface area, explains sales consultant Jens Søgaard from Cembrit.

The Tagholmen project has been a success so far and more buildings are going to be constructed in the coming years:

We are currently working on expanding the architectural design of Tagholmen to future projects in the Northern part of Denmark and it will be interesting to see what comes next, concludes Claus Egerland.

Facts about Tagholmen

  • Business park of nine buildings for industrial technology companies
  • Two-storey 700 square metre building
  • Constructed in 2017
  • Product: Cembrit Plank in black
  • Builder: Conscius
  • Architect: Tegnestuen 3D