Solid construction with fibre cement and Cembrit


Saving time on construction saves money - and drywall construction materials play a growing role in this trend. Large-format fibre cement building panels or structural panels impress both indoors and out, meeting high demands in the areas of fire and sound protection, weather resistance, load-bearing capacity and durability. They can be used for many different applications in new buildings and renovation projects.

Cembrit is a leading provider of high-performing building panels for demanding applications that often cannot be handled using traditional plasterboard or wood structural panels. Although often invisible from the outside, they are a pillar of modern construction. Fibre cement building panels like Cembrit Construction/Raw, our Windstopper Basic / Windstopper Extreme products, or our Multi Force lightweight building panel for indoor use are versatile choices.

Cembrit's various functional panels can be used in a wide range of applications. Outdoors, they serve as facade cladding. They can be painted, coated or left uncovered thanks to their natural exposed concrete look. Functional panels are typically invisible, serving as a wind-blocking construction. They protect the insulation and wall structure from wind and moisture, improving the energy efficiency of a building. In addition, they save time on the construction site and can function as a provisional facade for up to 12 months depending on the product selected.

Fibre cement panels are also an outstanding choice for interior use. They are inflammable, highly stable, impact resistant, impervious to moisture and mould, and providing outstanding noise insulation. All popular properties for interior wall, shaft or lightweight construction wall cladding. Other applications include suspended ceilings, internal ceilings and balcony cladding.