Cembrit Windstopper

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Cembrit Windstopper

Cembrit Windstopper

Cembrit Windstopper is multipurpose A2 non combustible and rot and fungal resistant. It can withstand fluctuations in temperature and climate. Cembrit Windstopper is a vapour permeable cement based building board. It has a very low vapour transmission resistance, enabling moisture from inside the building to pass through. Insulation can therefore be placed directly against the inner side of the board. Cembrit Windstopper is available in two options Windstopper Basic or Windstopper Extreme, they can be used on high rise development, modular buildings, timber frame and more.  Windstopper Extreme has been independently certified by the BBA Agrément Certificate 21/5885, tested in CWCT sequence testing as a backing wall, and fires tests up 120 minutes.    

The ideal choice for your Modular & Timber Frame  Building

Cembrit Windstopper is designed to meet all your building requirements – the tougher these requirements are, the more obvious is the choice of Cembrit Windstopper. Independently tested, free form MgO's and a strong racking strength help make Cembrit Windstopper the board of choice.    A versatile and multi-functional building board, Cembrit Windstopper provides higher strength at low weight. In addition, the building board is easily recognized by its cement grey colour with a glitter in the surface. Made of cement, limestone, minerals and reinforced with a specially selected fibre material, Cembrit Windstopper is particularly resistant to moisture.


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Applications of Cembrit Windstopper

Cembrit Windstopper is the perfect choice for many wall structures and purposes therefore making it ideal for various types of buildings with different applications. Multipurpose A2 fire rating, BBA accredited fibre cement sheeting board. Suitable for: Timber Frames Buildings Modular offsite Building Hight Rise Developments Hospitals, Schools, Apartment SFS backing board