Cembrit Multi Force - the ideal choice for combined purposes in construction

Cembrit Multi Force is ideal for construction projects where several tough demands are to be met. A dedicated fireboard is not necessarily optimal for sound insulation nor is a wet room panel, the ideal choice for an area with humidity, lot of traffic and tough use. Cembrit Multi Force provides solution for these types of  requirements.


Moisture Resistant

The building’s ability to withstand rain and moisture is an essential requirement to be fulfilled. Cembrit Multi Force will endure in these conditions, without having any impact on the overall performance.


Mould Resistant

Moisture will dry out, leaving the board properties unchanged without the risk of mould growth. This safeguards the indoor climate and prolongs the life expectancy of your building. The surface is easily cleaned with water.


Impact Resistant

Life is lived in motion! Activities, whether it involves sports or everyday life actions, call for the right choice, when it comes to the building materials forming your surroundings. The built environment around you should support your life lived inside, not limit it. Cembrit Multi Force is an ideal board for a harsh environment exposed to considerable wear from both people and objects on a daily basis, throughout the entire year.


Non Combustible

With increasing urbanisation and high population, fire safety in buildings is more important than ever. Choosing a fire-safe product can prevent or slow down the spread of fire by enhancing the entire structure’s resistance to heat and flame, providing protection to property and people.

Cembrit Multi Force is a non-combustible product classified A1, the highest possible Reaction to Fire rating. Depending on the type of the lightweight structure and number of board layers, constructions with Cembrit Multi Force can obtain a fire resistance EI (integrity, insulation) of up to 120 minutes. When installed in loadbearing structures like external walls or loadbearing floors, a full REI (loadbearing, integrity, insulation) classification can be achieved. Cembrit Multi Force is classified as fire protective covering.


Noise reducing

Being able to control the noise level is an important element in creating a comfortable environment. Extreme levels of noise can cause a stressful environment, impacting health and well-being. Any modern building design will include specific solutions to control or prevent noise from being transmitted from one room to another. Particularly in schools, kindergartens, sports facilities or industrial areas. The same concept applies while living in the city - keeping your private life separated from the outside buzz can be highly desirable. By reducing the noise transmission from the outdoor environment to the inside of the building, you create a calm and quiet home. Cembrit Multi Force can significantly reduce both airborne sound as well as impact sound.


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