Design options with Cembrit Multi Force

Cembrit Multi Force boards are available with three types of ready to use edges.

Depending on the required application and preferred design, Cembrit offers V-bevelled edges, Squared edges for 9mm and 12mm boards and Chamfered edges for the 12mm board.

V-bevelled edges as standard 

The standard Cembrit Multi Force board has V-bevelled edges which makes it easy to obtain a decorative effect adding a shade effect to the finished wall.


Square edges

Available as special orders, the long edges can be left squared. Boards are then installed with butt joints mainly in locations where functionality is the key factor. The square edge joints can also be used in double layer structures, as preliminary not exposed layer.


Chamfered edges

Chamfered edges are dedicated for large wall areas where you want a smooth surface without visible joints. This can be standard partitional walls or ceilings in traditional as well as prefab buildings. The chamfered edge solution is the perfect choice for public buildings like kindergartens and hospitals with hygienic requirements.


Surface Finish

As an alternative to the raw standard look of the Cembrit Multi Force, it is possible to paint the versatile boards. Cembrit Multi Force can be painted with paints suitable for concrete surfaces, such as latex or acrylic based paints. Screw holes can either be filled or left visible depending on the desired appearance. The joints of boards with V-bevelled and Square edges should however be left unfilled. The joints on boards with Chamfered edges can be filled using humid lightweight filler and reinforcing tape. Filling the screw holes and painting the boards will leave a more uniform and smoother surface compared to the raw untreated Cembrit Multi Force boards. For use in wet rooms it is possible to paint according to local water repellent/watertight class.