Application finder

Use the Application Finder to choose which cement based building boards to select for sheathing, partitioning, as base boards for render and tiling or for general purpose applications.

Cembrit building boards have been formulated to perform in various building elements whilst being sufficiently versatile to fulfill more than one function. The Application Finder will help you choose the building board with the combination of performance characteristics, workability and exposure rating required on your construction.


1Cembrit PB 2Cembrit Multi-Purpose
3Cembrit HD 4Cembrit Windstopper Extreme
5Cembrit Multi Force 6Cembrit Cempanel
7Cembrit Unipan


Building boards are generally hidden from view when the building works are complete. To see the range of external cladding products Cembrit offers for use with sheathing boards scroll to pages 22-23 of the Application Finder which can be found here or click here.

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