Cladding Panels

Cembrit Patina Original

Cembrit Patina Original is an A rated, through coloured fibre cement board with a directional grain in a selection of pastel shades.

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Cladding Panels

Cembrit Plank

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BBA Certificate for Cembrit

BBA certificate for Cembrit Patina Original, Solid and Cover are all “A2-s1, d0” fire rated fibre cement rainscreen cladding panels. They have been awarded BBA certificate number 18/5600 for use as exterior, non-load bearing, decorative, external cladding. Cembrit's range allows you smart options for the functional and creative decisions on any rainscreen cladding project.

Cembrit Fibre Cement Slates

Cembrit fibercement slates are lightweight, pre-holed and easy to cut and fix with hand tools.

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Cembrit Fibre Cement Corrugated Sheets

Cemsix and B5 corrugated sheets. Ideal as single-skin roofing and cladding for agricultural and industrial buildings, stables and garages. Can be laid to low 5 degree pieces.


External Building Boards

External building boards that can be left exposed, used as a temporary weathersheild, backer for render, EWI or sheathing in rainscreen cladding systems.

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Internal Building Boards 

Fire resistant internal building boards with impact or acoustic performance, the ability to be easily cleaned, or to be a backer for ceramic tiling or insulation.  


Cembrit BBA Approved Sheeting Board

Product Range

Cembrit Colourful design line

 Colour is an integral design element of our world, not just in the natural environment but also in architectural environment. Colourful facade boards is one such way of generating that visual comfort and drawing attention at the same time.
Add colour and life to the building design, that you have envisioned in your mind, with the facade boards from Cembrit Colourful design line - Cembrit Cover, Cembrit Solid and Cembrit Transparent.

Cembrit Facades


Cembrit facade panels

Cembrit Patina is a homogeneous, practical rain cover. Cembrit Solid is an intensely pigmented, acrylic-coated fiber cement board. Cembrit Cover is a coated facade cladding made of decorative fiber cement with more than 2000 NCS® © colors made to order, which are available depending on the quantity and extended delivery times. Tinted translucent top coat, on a matching pigmented fiber cement base, makes Cembrit Transparent a solid-colored cladding panel. Cembrit Plank is ready painted in different colors or primed for processing on site.

Cembrit Patina Inline



Cembrit Patina design line

 The Cembrit Patina design line is a range of natural and authentic, through-coloured facade boards with unique features.

Cembrit Visualiser

Cembrit Patina Visualiser

Don't just think about it.
Try it.

Surface structure, color and much more. - Choosing the right facade solution can be difficult. Especially if you have no clear idea of ​​the end result yet.

Experience the Cembrit Visualizer and discover a series of selected Cembrit facade panels that have been visualized on different types of buildings.

Cembrit Multi-Force

Cembrit Multi-Force

A high-performance building board like Cembrit Multi Force offers applications where requirements cannot be met by commonly used gypsum or wood building boards.

Cembrit Multi Force (FR) is a fibre cement building board in 2 thicknesses, 9mm in 2550x12mm or 12mm 3050x1200mm dimensions with good impact resistance and acoustic insulation. It can be used as a component in 30, 60 or 120, minute fire resistant constructions, so is ideal for partition and dry lining applications. Cut to size for suspended ceilings or fixed to ducting and lift shafts, Cembrit Multi Force is a versatile internal building board

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